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Free Spirit Farm LLC

Soap Lifts

Soap Lifts

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 Let’s talk about taking care of your soap!! To make your favorite bars last longer they need to stay OUT of water. 

  • Even in a dish they can sit in a puddle
  • Soap lifts made of biodegradable oyster shell
  • Will keep your soap dry, not slimy and extend the life of your soap
  • You can cut them up and put them right in your favorite soap dish
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The Feather

Many of the soaps are stamped with a feather. It represents, strength, freedom and hope.

  • Earth Friendly Packaging

    We use paper and biodegradeable shrink wraps to package our items. All ingredients are plant based, We use organic and non-GMO materials as much as possible.

  • Returns

    Because these are personal products. We do not accepts returns. Please reach out within three days of reciept and we will do everything we can to make it right.