Meet the Free Spirits


    Thank you for stopping by our Free Spirit Farm page. We are a small farm with horses, Nigerian Dwarf goats, layer and meat chickens, dogs, a barn cat and pond full of Koi fish. We love gardening, nature and our little homestead.

    During the pandemic I was sad and needed an outlet. I couldn't control the situation, but I could create! I decided to try making goat milk soap. I made some as gifts and people wanted to buy it! Soon, I was selling it in my mailbox. This became hard with timing, and I asked my wonderful husband to build me a farm stand.

   He built me the most adorable stand, and suddenly I was making lip balm, bath bombs, lotions, candles, and more. I had local artists add their pottery, jewelry, bread, and blown glass. It has become a beautiful community spot to visit and nourish art and nature. I made amazing friendships along the way.

    The name came from my son. When he was little, the school he was going to wanted him to be tested and analyzed for his behavior. After an evaluation for an hour with a therapist, she turned to me and said, " He is wonderful there is absolutely nothing wrong with him he is a FREE SPIRIT". He is my world, and we are indeed a family of Free Spirits! 

   I am forever grateful for the animals, my family and the gifts I have here at the farm. I am a firm believer that the natural world has given us all the gifts we need to heal our minds and bodies. I hope you enjoy everything we have made for our family and hope it brings you and yours happiness as well. 


      Jen Levangie  



 Meet the Goats

Annie started it all. She is our herd queen and matriarch. She is an amazing mother and has been called the Marilyn Monroe of goats. She has provided the farm with many babies and amazing milk. We will be forever grateful for her many gifts. 
 Quinn was my second doe. We bought her pregnant and she gave us three beautiful goats. She is feisty and produces a lot of milk! In this picture she had just had 4 babies! We retained her daughter Gypsy and look forward to the next generation.


Gypsy is Quinn's daughter. She is so beautiful and so friendly. She has not had any babies yet as we are still giving her time to grow. She is currently a year and a half. We can't wait to see what her babies will be like, and we are sure she will have multiples like her mom. 



 Benny ~ he is Annie's first son! He is our only wether and will stay here forever! He is now the biggest goat on the farm and the biggest love.